Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Don't Get Ahead Of Yourself

On my daily walks, I pass by one of the greens of our neighborhood golf course. I often pause to watch golfers hit their approach shots, and the other day I saw a man with the fastest swing I believe I've ever seen. Then, as soon as he hit the shot, he slammed his club back into the bag and hustled off to hit the next one...about thirty yards further on. He was in a hurry, and it showed both in the manner he went about the game and the results. My  mother would say he was getting ahead of himself. Not only is that bad golf, it's bad in any endeavor.

How many times have you said something, then regretted not thinking about how it was going to sound? I have...on many occasions. I'd have done better to take the extra few seconds to consider my words and reformulate them if needed. Sure, there are some activities in which we need to be fast. But in most cases, taking a moment to plan our actions pays significant dividends. If I don't, I have to ask myself this question: Am I getting ahead of myself?

What about you? Ever regretted words or actions that could have been avoided if you hadn't rushed into them? Any advice on how you keep from doing that? I'd like to hear.

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(picture via FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

Note: I have the privilege of posting today on the blog of medical writing colleague, Jordan Redwood. Drop by today and learn about damage to the ears from noise.

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Patricia Bradley said...

After numerous times of saying the wrong thing, I really try to think before opening my mouth. :-) Great reminder.

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks, Patricia. I've tried to apply the same principle to hitting "send" (but it doesn't always work). Appreciate your comment.