Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Perfect World (According To Social Media)

I really need to stop reading the various social media venues that I normally peruse each day. Oh, I've heard it said that authors have to maintain a presence on the web, and this includes a website, Facebook page (either personal or a fan page), Twitter, Google +, Pinterest...the list seems endless. But sometimes it presents a problem.

On some of the loops to which I subscribe, I read about people taking trips I can't afford (either in time or money), doing things I'd love to do but can't (because of time, money, or physical status), and in general sharing wonderful news. Meanwhile, I've just struggled to do a bit of writing, taken the car to have it serviced, picked up a prescription, and some of the other things that occupy my life each day. And I have to admit, it makes me a bit jealous at times.

I guess it's natural for people to share good news with their Internet friends, but when that's all we see, it gives a false impression. Then again, maybe I'm the only person who feels this way.

What do you think? Do you like to read the good things that are happening to your friends and acquaintances? Do you sometimes get the impression that you're the only one still struggling? I'd love to hear your comments.

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