Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The World Is Too Much With Us...

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You've heard me say it before--while some people have a love/hate relationship with social media, there are times when I have a tolerate/grind my teeth relationship. Oh, it's wonderful to be able to communicate with friends via Twitter, Facebook, and other outlets. But at times I look at other people's posts and wonder about my own life.

Did another author just have a novel make the best-seller list? Great, and I'm happy for them, but a small part of me wonders why my novels don't do the same. A friend posts something wonderful about their lives, and I look at my own and begin to think how ordinary it is.

On one of the writing loops in which I participate, a recent poster talked about throwing in the towel. She'd been trying for years to get her work published, and while others talked of their successes, she continued to (figuratively) butt her head against a stone wall.

When I get discouraged like that, I fall back on a Scripture passage that Dr. Steve Farrar called to the attention of our Wednesday evening men's Bible study group sometime back: "The Lord will accomplish what concerns me (Ps. 138:8)." It doesn't matter what happens to others--their accomplishments, their good fortunate. If I just anchor my faith on that promise, I know that things that concern me are under control. That's all I need.

Do you ever have these feelings? Is the ready access to other people's lives afforded by social media good or bad? How do you handle it?

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shirley said...

"The Lord will accomplish what concerns me (Ps. 138:8)."

Thank you for this. I needed this reminder today.

I met you through a Scavenger Hunt. Not long after, I found out I am moving and am just now getting ready for that move. Packing is difficult and frustrating but I'm getting there. Because of all of this, I have yet to read the first one of your books. I'm so sorry! Once I am settled, I promise. "Critical Condition" will be my first read once I get moved. Thank you again for the scripture. ~ shirley davidson

Richard Mabry said...

Shirley, that verse has helped me a lot over the months and years. Hope the move goes well, and that you enjoy Critical Condition and all my other novels. Thanks for your comment.

Mama Cat said...

Thank you for the reminder from me, also! (Jeanie) Little by little my life is being pried from my now-arthritic little hands and I feel as though permanently shelved. Social media, which I am only recently new to on my hubbie's page, sometimes make that challenging! Seeing how women with children, job, husband, and large home seem to have it all together and can juggle a million things, while I can barely handle a few hours of work. No solution other than reading a good book (and I confess to having to catch up on yours, have many on kindle) or listening to a teaching CD. Find what I can do, and try to trust that God has my inner and outer life in control even though feels way out of control. Being an author is tremendous! Being a successful doctor is greater - and being a beloved child of God is the greatest. Even a second of peace from that knowledge is worth more than what others can do. Having a filling of joy in knowing that Jesus lives is a blessing beyond measure. Blessings to you! Jesus lives!

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks for your comment, Mama Cat. Yes, we all sometimes feel as though everyone else is doing great things while we struggle to get through the day. But God directs our lives, and that's all we can ask.

Janet Ramsdell Rockey said...

Thank you, Richard, for the reminder not compare ourselves with others. I confess that little green demon of envy tries to push his way through me when another author is showered with accolades. But the Holy Spirit is stronger and reminds me that the Lord holds me in His hands. I am content to be in His loving embrace.

Richard Mabry said...

Janet, It's tough, because social media seems to surround us with the accomplishments of others. Thanks for resisting that demon, and thanks for your comment.