Monday, November 25, 2013

What Sells Books: The Responses

Last week I posted a link to a simple survey that asked respondents to indicate what factor(s) influenced them to buy a particular book. After three days and a representative number of votes, here's what you told me.

Past experience with an author's books was the most important factor in your decision to buy another book by that author. This was followed closely by the recommendation of a friend. The author's blog was important about half the time. Book reviews on Goodreads and the author's Facebook posts were helpful to about a third of you. And Twitter and Pinterest posts got the vote of 1% of the respondents.

So, this tells me that: 1) I have to write the best books I can, 2) I need to encourage my fans to recommend my books (assuming they like them), and 3) I should keep least, for now.

I'll remind those of you who received my last newsletter of a contest described in that issue, ending next week. One of the entrants will be randomly selected to receive a signed copy of my latest novel, Heart Failure. If you haven't entered, dig that newsletter out of your trash folder, click the link, and enter now.

One last reminder that if you'd like to give a personalized copy of one of my novels as a Christmas gift, you can email me (see the link in the right margin) with your name, the name of the recipient, and your snail mail address. Put the name of the book you're giving in the subject line. I'll send a signed bookplate that you can put inside the book.

Back tomorrow with my a pre-Thanksgiving message.

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