Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Although there was a time when flying was fun, it's getting harder to recall it. Now, getting to the airport, parking, getting through security, waiting for the plane, squirming into a crowded seat... You get it. But there's still one thing I enjoy about being at the airport. You guessed it. Letting my imagination run wild.

That man and woman hurrying by, each dressed for business and pulling roll-aboard suitcases that look as though they've logged their share of miles, are engaged in earnest conversation. Are they colleagues, planning a presentation? Could they be husband and wife, each headed on a trip or coming back, catching up? Might it be that, although they're each married to someone else, they're...  You get the picture.

Almost everything I encounter leads my overactive imagination down paths on which the average person might never venture. I guess this goes back to one of the first people to try to teach me about writing fiction. Alton Gansky instilled in me the value of the phrase, "What if--"  As my favorite TV character, obsessive-compulsive detective Adrian Monk used to say: "It's a blessing...and a curse."

Oh, that reminds me of the time where a neighbor was taking out a roll of carpet to the trash one night and I wondered if there could be a body inside it.

What about you? Do you find yourself imagining scenarios taken from the world around you? I'd like to hear some of them.

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Unknown said...


Yes, the overactive mind. Maybe that's why we're writers. My wife tells me I'm manic. I like to think there's a fine line between genius and insanity. And it's so much fun riding that line.

Being a doctor, like you, I'm always thinking of ways medical procedures could be used by the bad guys. There are an infinite number of devices that could be implanted to be used in unlimited ways.

My father recently entered the nursing home. As I sat and looked around at all the patients with dementia, I thought, what a great place for a group of crooks to hang out: feigning dementia during the day, "working" at night.

I won't go on, or you'll start to agree with my wife. And I want to use some of those manic ideas in future books.

Fun topic.


Richard Mabry said...

Steve, some good ideas in there. I might just steal one myself. But don't worry--as my article in this month's Southern Writers Magazine says, even if someone steals your idea, they'll probably handle it differently than you would.
Thanks for your comment.