Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Following The Rules

There was a time when PEP meant having lots of energy. Now it stands for performance-enhancing-pills, the pills that give athletes lots of energy. (And I know that most of these are injected--this is called literary license). My point is this: What ever happened to following the rules?

I'm not even going to get into a discussion of all the baseball players currently serving 50 game suspensions for using performance-enhancing drugs. Nor will I mention the particular multimillionaire playing baseball in one of our nation's largest cities while fighting a 200+ game suspension and talking about doing battle with the baseball team that signs his paychecks, because of their handling of his medical status. There's enough dirty linen to go around, and like most sports fans, I'm sick of it.

Now we have the question of what to do about Johnny Football, the sobriquet given to a young man at a university down south of here who happens to be one of the best football players around. Unfortunately, he is accused of taking some very significant money in return for autographing a bunch of merchandise, something that violates the rules of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, putting his amateur status in jeopardy. Now the question on the street is, "If you were the czar of the NCAA, and (this guy) was found to be guilty, what kind of punishment would you impose?"

My question to you is broader than that. We put our athletes on a pedestal (and not just at an Olympic awards ceremony). When one of them breaks the rules, what kind of punishment would you levy? I'd really like to know.

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Anonymous said...

I think what disheartens me is the fact that regardless of what (if any) punishment these scofflaws receive, they'll wiggle their way out of it with their legal team. (And then probably get a ghost-written book deal worth far more than you or I will ever make sweating out in the trenches!)

And as long as American's continue supporting them, I don't see this changing anytime soon. Our idolatry of sports is the biggest issue...we've created these megalomaniacs.

Oh, I know there's more issues than that but that's my fly by comment.

So, no suggestions...just my musings....

Richard Mabry said...

Theresa, I'd momentarily forgotten the book deals (and I'm sure they're coming). Unfortunately, they'll probably sell better than similar books like Intentional Walk, written about Christian baseball players.
No, values are upside down in much of our society, and it's sad.
Thanks for your comment.

Unknown said...


I agree with Theresa. As long as Americans idolize athletes, the problems will continue. My answer to your question, what kind of punishment: Just ignore them.