Friday, April 26, 2013

Writing: What's The Attraction?

 Stress Test launch campaign is winding down. If you haven't registered for a chance to win the Nook HD, you can do so here.
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If you'd like a look at my writing space, check this post by Lifeway Fiction. And today I'm also a guest on the blog of Michelle Lim. Hope you'll drop by.

Now to today's post about writing: Six days ago, Kay and I landed in Las Vegas, where we visited for three days. During that time we didn't see any shows. We didn't even see the fabulous "Strip." We didn't drive out to see Hoover Dam. We spent our time in a suburb of Las Vegas. Why? Because that was where the attraction for us was: our family and the birthday of our four year old granddaughter, Cassidy Ann.

In writing, it's important to set forth the attraction. It may be a love that may or may not come to fruition. It may be the possibility of failure or success in a venture of some sort. It could be bodily harm or even death. But somewhere in the story, made clear early on, must be the attraction for the reader, something that keeps them turning pages.

In my latest book, Stress Test, the attraction is finding out who kidnapped Dr. Matt Newman, why they did that, and whether they'll succeed on subsequent attempts. There are other aspects to the story, but something has to drive it. There must be an attraction.

What was the attraction in the last book you read? What made you pick it up? What made you keep reading?

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