Friday, March 08, 2013

Writing: Are Blogs Part Of Platform?

A week ago, I asked the question of whether blogs had been replaced by other social media venues such as Facebook and Twitter. The comments were interesting (and if you'd like to read them, you can go here--it's not too late to add your own).

I gave a link to a simple one-question survey, asking which was the respondent's favorite social media venue. Here's the breakdown of responses:
 Blogs     19%
Twitter     13%
Facebook  68%
Goodreads and Pinterest didn't get a single vote. Of course (here's the scientist in me coming out), this wasn't a very good survey. Only one response was allowed. Many people, I'm sure, said, "Whoa. I go to different sites for different things." And I think that's where we stand with blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google + , Goodreads, Pinterest, and all the rest. It depends on what you want.

Some of the comments reflected this attitude: different aspects of social media for different reasons. So where does that leave my particular blog?

Abraham pleaded with God not to destroy Sodom if even a tiny remnant of the faithful could be found there. There's no fire and brimstone in this scenario, but if I continue to have a remnant of followers who seem to enjoy this blog, I'll spend the time necessary to share both my thoughts and whatever writing wisdom I've collected over the past few years. I won't let it take over my time, but I won't kill it either.

See you Tuesday. If you have questions you'd like discussed here, please leave them. And if you'd just like to comment to say, "Please keep going," I'd love that, as well. Thanks.

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Rebecca Yauger said...

Keep going , Doc. Here's the kicker...I see where you promote your blog on Facebook and Twitter, so I click through to read it here. Keep writing your blog and promoting it via FB and Twitter.
-Becky Yauger

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks, Becky. Appreciate it. (And are you posting under an alias now?)

Carol Garvin said...

I'm chiefly on FB and Twitter as well as being a blogger, and I'm not sure what I'd give up if I had to do away with something. Each one serves different purposes. I only check into Twitter once or twice a day at best, so it would probably be the first to go.

I think blogging gives our followers more substance and an opportunity to showcase how we write, while FB and Twitter allow for faster communication... quick and brief messages. I would miss your posts if you stopped blogging, but when it comes to how worthwhile it is for you, I think you have to determine its reach by checking reader/follower statistics since many readers don't leave comments.

Admittedly, I also have Google+, Flickr and Goodreads accounts through which I occasionally interact with different people, but if I make it to any of them more than once a week I'm doing well. I think we can spread ourselves too far into these cyberspace activities and it's important to decide which ones offer the best opportunities to have meaningful exchanges with those we want to reach.

Richard Mabry said...

Carol, First of all, thanks for your nice words about my blog. Yes, I'll continue to do it so long as I can, but I agree that blogs serve a different purpose than Facebook and Twitter. I have a presence in both places, and I definitely think that my FB friends and followers are a very loyal group, important for an author and for the psyche of anyone posting on social media.
I appreciate your comment, and your support of my writing and posting.