Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is Money The Most Important Thing?

We enjoy a TV program called Shark Tank, where hopeful entrepreneurs present their ideas to potential investors, asking for money in return for a portion of their enterprise. Recently, we saw an episode where a man turned down one million dollars for his entire company, choosing to take less money and retain a portion of the business. I felt he'd made the right decision. It's not always about the money.

On another TV show, Becker, Ted Danson played a doctor with a dead-end practice in the Bronx. It was evident that beneath the gruff exterior he was a decent man. When asked if he'd quit if he won the lottery, Becker/Danson answered, "In the middle of an operation." Yet he sacrificed time and again to help others. He wasn't in it for the money.

At some time, I suggest that each of us should ask the question, "Why do we do (whatever we do for a living)?" Do we do it for money? Do we do it for the satisfaction of a job well done? Do we do it for another reason?

What drives you? If you won the lottery, would you quit your job? I'd really like to know.

NOTE: I have a guest blog about Periods of Silence at the ACFW blog today--hope you'll click through, read it, and leave a comment. Many thanks.


Christy Fitzwater said...

I was just asking myself this question today -am I blogging just to get more subscribers? No. I blog to express what God is doing in my life. Your words are very encouraging to me today. Thank you very much!

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks, Christy. I think we all have to step back and look at our motivations from time to time. Glad you found the post encouraging. Hope you'll come back often.

S. Kim Henson said...

I like to think what I'd do if I won the lottery ... puts life into perspective since money is no longer a driving force.

I don't think I write for money (and you wouldn't either if you saw my paychecks), but then I have to ask myself, "If I won the lottery, would I still write?"

I'm 99% sure the answer is yes, but this does make me think.

Thanks for a reflective blog post.