Thursday, September 27, 2012

Writing: Free book downloads

Popping in a day earlier than usual to remind those of you who haven't already bought it (thank you), received it as a gift (hope you liked it), or pirated it (shame on you) that my publisher, Abingdon, continues its practice of making some of its fiction line available as free e-book downloads for Kindle, Nook, and other e-readers.

According to the schedule I've received, Diagnosis Death is one such free download today, along with several other worthwhile Abingdon books. Hope you enjoy them. And tell your friends.

Now, to relate this to writing--some publishers think the practice of free e-book downloads is good, others don't. I've address this in a previous post, but I'd like to get your opinion. Do you watch for these? Do you take advantage of them? And have you ever, through this means, discovered an author you like and bought other books by them?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I do watch for them...and love freebies. In fact, I have this one on my Kindle...plan to read it soon. Hoping #4 will soon be a freebie!!
I am retired, senior, love to read so have to take advantage of the freebies.
Jackie S.

Richard Mabry said...

Jackie, the publishers generally don't make the latest book free (although I've seen some recently that made a new release free for a limited time, so what do I know?) But you might try your church library or the public library. Glad to have you as a fan.