Friday, February 24, 2012

It's About Me

I've recently dealt with some issues concerning a writer's group that typify what my friend, Dr. James Dunn, used to say. "We're all willing to live in a long as we can be Theo." If something doesn't go our way, if the rules don't fit our needs, if we don't like what's going on, we sometimes exert every effort to change that it benefits us.

Kay and I assist in the New Member class of our church, and the pastor in charge of the class uses this video as an example of what our church's philosophy is not. My thanks to Watermark Church, which posted this on YouTube. (And let me hasten to say that neither my church nor Watermark holds to this philosophy).


So how about it. Are you okay with the rules so long as they benefit you? I hope you're not a member of the Me Church...or club...or family...or country. 

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Rosslyn Elliott said...

Great video, and I also like the "as long as I can be the Theo" quotation.

Thanks for a thought-provoking opening to the week.