Friday, January 13, 2012

The Tebow Phenomenon

One highly talented professional athlete has caused the introduction of a new term this year: Tebowing. According to the "official site" for this phenomenon, to Tebow is to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

There's no question that Tim Tebow is an accomplished athlete. As I write this, he and his Denver Broncos teammates are preparing to play David to the Goliath of the New England Patriots this weekend. I've watched a few of the Broncos games, and although he has some maturing to do, there's no question that Tebow has the potential to be a standout quarterback. And I'm delighted that he feels comfortable with a public display that underscores his thanks to God for his talent and the opportunity to use it. As memory serves, other professional athletes have done the same.

Even before Tebow hit the spotlight, I was delighted to hear after-game interviews in which players mentioned "being blessed" with talent, and thanking God for what He's done for them. Seeing players from both teams kneeling in prayer at the 50 yard line after a game has gladdened my heart on more than one occasion. And the spectacle of football players joining in prayer when one of their number lies seriously injured on the field brings a lump to my throat every time I see it. I have no problem with any of that.

So, here's my question. Is the publicity (or is it notoriety?) that Tebow's actions have brought about a good thing? What's your opinion about Tebowing? I'd really like to know how you feel.

Oh, and--with apologies to my friends in New England--go, Broncos.


Timothy Fish said...

With the number of people Googling John 3:16, it seems like a good thing to me. Some of them will come to understand what it means and perhaps they will accept Christ because of it. There's nothing I can say against that.

Erica Vetsch said...

Because I am convinced he does it from sincere and pure motives, I admire his public display of gratitude and humility.

Wouldn't it be something if my name was synonymous with prayer?

Richard Mabry said...

Timothy, I think you're right.

Erica, I must agree. I think the point here is not only the public display but the motive behind it. And everything I read about Tebow is that he's sincere.
Thanks for commenting.

Rachel Hauck said...

Great post, Richard! I think God's favor is on Tim. He's using Tim to get at something in the heart of America.

May ball players have knelt to thank the Lord over the years, but Tim has an anointing on him. A call.

I'm grateful for him!


Richard Mabry said...

Thanks, Rachel. I agree. Now if people wouldn't just equate wins and losses with God's favor or lack thereof. But Tebow's certainly not afraid to be a lightning rod and call attention to his faith.