Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Books As Gifts

It's possible that some of you will already have finished your Christmas shopping. But others, myself included, are just getting started. As an author, I find myself wondering how many people will be giving books as gifts this year. And, if so, whether they'll be hard copy or e-books.

If someone on your gift list is joining the Kindle and Nook craze, this would be a great time to buy an e-book for them. If they (or you) are more traditional, a book they can hold in their hand is always a nice touch.And if you're a reader, you might want to drop a hint or two about which books are on your own wish list.

If you want to personalize your gift, check out the site, Signed By The Author. Hundreds of books are available there, all available to be signed and personalized by the authors. For the Kindle owner, Kindlegraph gives you a way to get a  page with the author's signature and sentiments to be added to a book on Kindle. (I've already blogged about this recently).

Already own some of my books and want them autographed, either for yourself or as a gift? No problem. I'll send you signed bookplates to put into the books. Just email me at: Dr R L Mabry at yahoo dot com (put address into proper format and put the name of one of my books in the subject line to avoid my spam filter). Tell me 1) how many you need, 2) whether you want them personalized ("to XX"), and your snail mail address. I'll do the rest. I'll even add a gummed "Signed by the Author" sticker for the cover.

And while you're making out your shopping list, don't forget to give to the less fortunate this Christmas. Pick the charitable organization or effort of your choice--there are lots of worthy ones--but share with others. It's something we should do all year long, but especially at this season of the year.

Merry Christmas, and to echo Dickens' words, "God bless us, every one!"

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