Friday, September 09, 2011

Interview With Author and ACFW President Margaret Daley

My neighbor to the north (Oklahoma), Margaret Daley, is a busy lady. Not only is she an award-winning multi-published author, she currently serves as the President of the 2400+ member American Christian Fiction Writers. Since I’m  a Board member, I’ve gotten to know Margaret a bit better this year, and I’d like to give my readers that same opportunity.

RM: Margaret, welcome to Random Jottings. Would you tell us a little about yourself?

MD: I’m foremost a wife to a wonderful husband of forty years, mother to a son and grandmother to four granddaughters. I write inspirational romance and romantic suspense. And I am President of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW).

RM: Before retiring from teaching after twenty-seven years, you taught students with special needs. How has that shaped your thinking?

MD: I loved working with children with special needs. I have often written about people who have a disability. They say write what you know and I guess that’s true.

RM: What set you on the road to writing?

MD: I loved to read romances (still do) and decided to try and write one. That was all it took to put me on the road to writing.

RM: As I read through the list of the books you’ve had published, the dates prove that you’re a prolific writer, able to produce several books a year. How in the world do you manage that?

MD: Sometimes I’m not sure. I am organized and try to write most every day. I’ve been able to write more now that I’m retired from teaching.

RM: You’ve been President of ACFW for less than a year, but you’re already working to carry out a number of projects to improve the organization. Can you tell my readers a bit about ACFW and its importance to writers of Christian fiction?

MD: ACFW is an organization of Christian fiction writers (2400+). It is an online group who helps to promote Christian fiction and educate Christian fiction writers. We have an annual conference every September with wonderful classes and a chance to meet with publishers and agents in the industry. You can check it all out at our website.

    RM: Would you give us a sneak preview of your latest book, From This Day Forward?

    MD: Rachel Gordon is stranded in South Carolina, pregnant, a recent widow after her husband fell overboard on the voyage to America. Nathan Stuart, a physician who came home from serving in the American army during the War of 1812, disenchanted with his life and the Lord, rescues Rachel and saves her life. Feeling responsible for her, Nathan tries to discourage her from living at a rundown farm her husband bought to start a new future in America. He wants her to return to England.

Rachel refuses to go back to England where her father disowned her for marrying against his wishes. The farm is all she has, and she is determined to make it on her own. But Nathan has other ideas and becomes her farmhand to discourage her from staying in America. Instead he ends up protecting her and being challenged by her. Can two wounded people heal each other?
RM: Any last words of advice for my readers?

MD:  I hope if you get a chance to read my book that you enjoy it.

Thanks, Margaret. To learn more about her, visit her website, where you'll see that Margaret's tagline is "Heartwarming to electrifying read." 


Margaret Daley said...

Thanks for hosting me, Richard.

Loree Huebner said...

Nice to meet you, Margaret.

Interesting interview. Thanks for sharing about yourself.

Margaret Daley said...

It's nice to meet you, too, Loree. Thanks for stopping by.

Deb said...

Any chance of learning what facets of the ACFW are targets for change?