Thursday, December 02, 2010

Christmas Cards and Christmas Letters

As Thanksgiving disappears in the rear-view mirror, countless households consider the question, "What about Christmas cards? Do we send a Christmas letter this year?" Those questions, if answered in the positive, are generally followed by a spirited discussion of designs or a search for cards purchased in previous years and not sent, along with a scramble to produce an accurate list of names and addresses. And, of course, there's the annual question of holiday stamps. (When will the Post Office get real about those designs?)

Sometimes I wish I were a member of the younger, electronic generation. Some people of my acquaintance do a little magic on their computers, hit a button, and presto--electronic Christmas greetings spring forth into the air like Santa's reindeer departing a rooftop after a too-long stop. Somehow, that just doesn't have the same magic as paper upon which someone has taken the time and trouble to write words, then gone to the expense of affixing a stamp and mailing it. Then again, I don't have a Kindle or eReader, preferring my books (as well as my Christmas cards) in printed form.

I'm sure we'll send out cards again this year. The issue of the Christmas letter is yet to be solved. But I'd like to know what the verdict at your house is regarding this issue. Cards? Letter? Electronic greetings? Or just ignore the whole thing?

Meanwhile, to everyone who reads these Random Jottings, whether on a regular or irregular basis, to each of you who've bought one or more of my novels this past year, to all whom I consider my cyber-friends--my very best wishes for a wonderful, meaningful holiday season. Merry Christmas.


Bonnie R. Paulson said...

Dr. Mabry, Congrats on the election! That's awesome!
On the card issue, I must say, Ugh. I have a private family blog where all the happenings are stored plus up-to-date fam pics.
I figure, friends and family who would get the card have been invited to see it, why do I have to kill a few trees to mail them something that would go in the garbage? They do at my house.
Where you love print : ) I love electronic. Please tell Santa I would adore a Kindle : ).

Much luck! Bonnie
(PS. What type of practice have you worked as a doctor? I might be imbecilic, I can't find that! Thanks!)

Richard Mabry said...

Bonnie, Truly "the times they are a'changin'" as Bob Dylan sang. We'll stick with the mail, but ecards and pictures online are becoming the wave of the future.

I think my website-- a bit about my background. I was in solo practice as an otolaryngologist (ENT) for 26 years, then a professor at U of TX Southwestern Medical Center for 10 more before retiring.

Thanks for your comment.

Carol J. Garvin said...

Congratulations on your ACFW's election! I'm sure you'll bring your unique perspective and capabilities to the position and be a blessing to the membership.

As for Christmas greetings... I use all three, depending on the intended recipient. A few receive electronic cards or e-mailed newsletters and greetings because that's the way we usually communicate; most receive a mailed card and enclosed newsletter; and a few are sent just a card because they are business associates without a family connection. We tried to streamline the method a few years ago, but I found I missed the personal aspect of handwriting the cards while reminiscing about the people.

An early Merry Christmas to you, too.

Sherrie said...

I just stumbled across your books while looking for a new author. I have read about all of the books by some other authors. I can't wait to get to the bookstore!

About the Christmas cards ~ I am young, but I still send out around 50 cards! I address them by hand, sign our names by hand, and stick them in the mailbox. At least 75% will also contain the newest picture of our 2 kids in front of the Christmas tree. I guess I'm old-fashioned. I love sending the cards out as much as I enjoy opening the ones that I get!

Richard Mabry said...

Carol, thanks for your good wishes. The ACFW position is going to require some quick on-the-job training, and it's already started.
Sherrie, hope you enjoy my books. Always nice to gain a new fan.
Thanks to you both for your opinions. We're sending out a few cards, no letter this year. Sometimes life gets in the way of doing all the things we'd like.