Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Winner of DiAnn Mills' Book

Sorry to be a bit late in posting this. I've been tied up with that stuff called "life," including doing a bit of work on my latest novel. Besides that, I forgot! But the random number generator has awarded a copy of DiAnn Mills' latest book, Pursuit of Justice, to Becky Harling.

Becky, if you'll use the tab on the right side of this page to email me your mailing address, I'll ask DiAnn to send the book to you. Congratulations.

I hope you all have read the interview with the fantastic Bill Myers that immediately precedes this post. Come back tomorrow for more on book rankings by commercial booksellers. Specifically, I'll address the way it's done by Barnes and Noble. You'll find it's refreshing in its simplicity.


S. Kim Henson said...

Funny - I didn't even sign up to win the book but had to click on over here to see who did. I'm happy for Becky. Next time, maybe I'll sign up. That's a good first step to winning. : )

Richard Mabry said...

Yeah, kind of like the odds of winning the lottery. They increase significantly if you buy a ticket.
Next time, sign up. You may be surprised.