Thursday, April 15, 2010

Random Thoughts While Recovering From Signing My 1040

More perspiration than inspiration today, but I suspect that's universal. I hope your taxes are done, or at least a form prepared requesting an extension.

Thanks to friend and agent, Rachelle Gardner, for directing me to this material from the NY Times: tax form for the "marginally employed." That includes writers, by the way. Read it and grin.

The baseball season has just begun and the Texas Rangers are looking good. Dare we hope for a play-off contender this year? Hope springs eternal in the heart of Ranger fans. Meanwhile, the Dallas Mavericks are headed for the basketball playoffs, and the Dallas Stars are off the ice for the last time this season. Win some, lose some. Sort of like life in general, isn't it?

It's spring in Texas, which means seas of bluebonnets have sprung up on the roadsides. Usually on Easter you can see families in their Sunday best taking pictures of their children in the midst of the bluebonnets. This year Easter was early, and they had to settle for green grass and a promise.

Spring fever is in full swing, and it's infected me as well. Maybe next week I'll feel more productive. Meanwhile, have a great weekend.

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Mark Young said...

Taxes are paid. Sun is shining. And my littlest stars in her school play tonight--"The Real Story of the Three Little Pigs." She won't tell me the plot or the ending. I see author material in this little girls.

Life is good.