Monday, April 19, 2010

Classifying Books, More Interviews, And A Contest Preview

When you walk into a bookstore, looking for a particular book, have you ever had to ask for help because you're not sure in which section it would be displayed? Matter of fact, who designates all those classes of books? How many are there? What are the definitions?

Truthfully, each bookstore or chain has its own way of classifying books. There's no hard and fast set of definitions. But it does help the reader who's hunting a novel they'll enjoy if they know roughly the type of book they want and how to describe it.

Author Peg Phifer decided to give readers of her blog some help in this regard, and she's devoting this entire month to posts by various authors about different classes of books. Today at her blog site I discuss my particular brand of fiction: romantic medical suspense. That's sort of a hybrid, but it also puts my work into a relatively small class of books as compared with, for instance, Amish romance. I think you'll enjoy all the posts in this unique series.

Author CJ Darlington has a very in-depth interview with me today on Title Trakk. You might learn a few things about me that you didn't know, including my fear of heights. Thanks for digging deep, CJ.

Also, ex-Texan, colleague, and author Candace Calvert has posted an interview with me on her blog. I hope you'll check it out and leave a comment. One commenter will win a signed copy of Code Blue. While you're there, learn how Candace and I met at the ACFW meeting last year, kneeling across from each other over a patient.

Now here's a hint: read these interviews and some of the other recent ones to which I've posted links, because on Thursday I'll be posting news of a contest on this blog that involves interview questions. Pique your interest? Good. See you then.

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Cindy said...

That series on different classes of books sounds interesting. Thanks for the link--and congratulations on the interviews!