Monday, March 08, 2010


For those who might have missed my stinging wit and acerbic postings on Twitter and Facebook recently, Kay and I have just returned from five days of vacation. It was wonderful to get away, even though we were in a place where the Internet access was slow enough to make one consider learning how to use smoke signals. We could get a signal with our cell phone, but at a cost that would require a first mortgage on our grandchildren. And don't even think about talking on the land line in the hotel. All my book advances wouldn't cover those charges.

So, we adapted. We watched a bit of CNN (they have it in English), read the International edition of USA Today, and in general decided to let the world get along without us. And, you know what? It did.

My friend and colleague, Dr. John O'Rear, gave me some good advice when I was in residency (the years of specialty training that follow graduation from medical school). In his homespun wisdom, John told me, "Richard, sometimes you just have to get off the merry-go-round. And you'll be surprised when you hop back on that it's pretty much in the same place as when you left it."

Now I'm adapting again. We have Internet access. Our phones work. The TV and newspaper keep us abreast of events. But I'm already looking forward to another time when we can go back for more rest, free from the electronic umbilical cords that tether us to our modern world.

Oh, where did we go? We joined good friends for a few days at the Hilton Hotel in Cancun. And lest you wonder how we managed that, I'll hasten to say that our stay preceded a  meeting of a medical society of which I'm a member (although retired) and that group managed to secure a rate that was about half the usual one for this property. We vacationed at the bargain rate before the meeting began, then left, which brought home to me yet again the totality of my switch from practicing physician to retired physician. In former days, I would have stayed for the continuing education credits. Now, all I want is peace and quiet. And we got that in abundance.


Jody Hedlund said...

Welcome back! I was wondering where you were this week! Glad you had a wonderful, relaxing trip. And you're so right, we need those times of jumping off the merry-go-round. It goes on without us and then when we rejoin, we're right back where we were!

Carol J. Garvin said...

Glad you had the opportunity to get away for a while. My hubby and I are retired, too, and friends always seem to be surprised that our days now aren't one long holiday. We have to escape to our tiny, more-than-a-little-rustic, wilderness cabin for the desired solitude. No reception for cell phone, TV or internet there... in fact, no electricity, running water or indoor privy, so not exactly the Hilton, but a getaway with lots of wonderful peace and quiet.

Catherine West said...

I hope you enjoyed some warm weather and are now ready to get back to writing!
Glad to hear it was a successful trip. I am not sure I could adjust as well to no internet. I am too much of a junkie, I don't think it would be pretty.

Rosslyn Elliott said...

I'm getting ready for a vacation too! Even some of our usual gorgeous weather would be nice. :-)