Monday, January 11, 2010

Nail-Biting Time

The "random number generator" tells me that comment number two to the previous post is the winner of Michael Palmer's The Last Surgeon. Candace, if you'll use the link at the top right of this page to email me your snail mail address, I'll see that Michael sends you the book. Congratulations. And thanks to everyone who left a comment.

Now to the subject at hand: nail-biting time. I thought those days were over. I figured that I was through with this kind of nervous waiting when I learned that I'd passed my medical boards. Before that, I'd gone through the cold sweats and pounding pulse that accompanied waiting for test grades in high school, in college, in medical school. But I'm back on adrenaline overload. The reason? Advance copies of my novel, Code Blue, have gone out to reviewers and potential endorsers. Now I'm sweating every comment (and sometimes just the lack of a comment).

It's hard to write a book. I can speak from experience because I wrote three or four (depending on how you count the total revision of my third novel) that were deemed to "show promise" without being good enough for publication. But finally, on the fourth (or fifth) try I produced a novel that will see the light of day in published form.

It's hard to write a book, but I firmly believe that it's even harder to put your work out in front of the public and wait for it to be judged. Now, I've been around the block enough to know that I'll never be universally loved and respected. Some will like it, some will probably hate it, and some will be so lukewarm that they won't even have an opinion. Fair enough. But I can't help wishing that the "likers" will significantly outnumber the "haters."

Now, like a politician after the polls close, I'll watch for the results. I feel like I'm back in school again, waiting for grades to be posted. Stay tuned. I'll share the results as they're available.


Jody Hedlund said...

Oh, man. Can't wait for that day next fall for my book. NOT!! I read somewhere to do ourselves a favor, and NOT read the Amazon reviews on our books. I'm not sure that I'll be able to read that temptation, but the point, like you mentioned is that some reviews will be bad, and some will be good. But we tend to fixate on the bad ones. So, why do that to ourselves? (Resisting reading them is easier said than done!)

Elaine said...

I wish you well!

Richard Mabry said...

Thanks, Jody and Elaine (and all the others who stopped by but didn't comment). Ask any author. This is probably as hard as anything we do.
I'm trying not to fall back on my usual prayer: "God give me patience...and I want it now!"

Carol J. Garvin said...

I remember working on a school board candidate's campaign and watching the numbers come in on election night. For a while he'd be ahead, then behind, then ahead again. It was a little like pulling those daisy petals off: "He loves me; he loves me not," and wondering whether at the end the positive would outweigh the negative. We can't help but hope for the results to be in our favour. The one thing I learned, however, was that by the time we put ourselves out there, we don't have any control over the results. We've done our best and that's all that God ever asks of us.

I understand your impatience, though, even if I'm not in that position yet, and I wish you only good reviews. :)

Keli Gwyn said...

I've heard great things about you, your writing and your book. Very soon I expect to hear that you've received awesome reviews. Here's to many of them.