Friday, May 08, 2009

Books For Writers

I reviewed Ray Rhamey's book, Flogging The Quill: Crafting A Novel That Sells, a few months ago in this blog post. Now that book is available for pre-order. Just click the link above. Ray is self-publishing this book, not as a vanity measure but as the first book published by the new company he's created. As I said in my earlier post, I think there's some excellent advice in this book, backed up by a myriad of examples drawn from Ray's years as an independent editor and his blog, Flogging The Quill.

I'll be reviewing a couple of other new books for writers soon, including the new one by Donald Maass. Stay tuned for those posts. Meanwhile, writers who read this blog, tell me how many books on writing you have on your shelf. I have an even two dozen. Can you top that?

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Katie said...

I have four, I think. Definitely time to expand!