Monday, April 27, 2009

Book Review: The Noticer

I’ve been taking advantage of Thomas Nelson’s offer to receive copies of some of their books in return for posting a review on my blog. The most recent book I’ve requested is The Noticer, by Andy Andrews, and I have to say that this one is different—and in a good way.

The Noticer is part fiction, part allegory, part self-help book. When I read the cover blurb by pro golfer Nancy Lopez that this was the “best book she’d ever read,” I was a bit skeptical. Then I started reading, and was soon convinced of the truth of that statement. The book follows the influence exerted by a mysterious stranger named Jones—“Just Jones, no Mister”—on the inhabitants of a mythical southern coastal town. Through encounters with a variety of people struggling with a myriad of problems, Jones gives a new perspective, one that offers hope and help to those of us who’ve faced those problems or some like them.

One thought, repeated several times in the book, particularly resonated with me. Here’s a paraphrase. “Crisis? Everyone on this planet is coming from a crisis, struggling through a crisis, or about to enter a crisis.” In other words, what you’re experiencing right now may seem to be the worst thing that could possibly happen to you, and you may think you’re the only one going through those trials, but that’s not true. It’s life. And it will get better.

I intend to buy several copies of this book and give them to friends and family. As for my own copy, I’m about to go through it a second time with a yellow highlighter. Because, goodness knows, there are lots of times I’d benefit from a new perspective.

(Note: Thomas Nelson Co. is very fair about providing books for review. They ask for our honest opinion, not just favorable reviews. For this one, though, they stipulated that all reviews be posted today. Did you notice other reviews of The Noticer on other blogs today? Did it create a "buzz?" Was this more effective than a "blog tour?" Just curious.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I've seen it only on a couple blogs. Nothing like a formal blog tour. I've put it on my reading list, though. So it worked for me:-)

Have a great day.

Jeanette Levellie said...

Great review. Thanks for sharing!
I read Andy's first book, and it was very well written and thought-provoking.
I am a part of the Nelson Book reviewers as well, but chose not to get this one for the very reason that I didn't want to have to post a review on a certain day! It felt too much like time pressure to me.
It is a great program, however. You get free books and they get free marketing.

Timothy Fish said...

So far, yours is the only blog on which I have seen a review. I chose not to review the book because some of Mike Hyatt's quotes from it gave me the impression that the characters have been reading too many church signs. Perhaps I will reconsider that assessment.

T ™ said...

I got the book on sunday and read it with in the first couple of hours.

I loved it!

for those who think that its a christian book and want to stay away from it.. please don't! It's really not.

it has some undertones but it most definitely does not come off like your being preached to.

this book came to me exactly when i needed it.

at the end of the book i too felt like i was part of those people sharing their experiences.