Saturday, February 28, 2009

Like Having An Editor On Your Bookshelf

For a number of years, independent editor Ray Rhamey has been offering free writing advice at his web site, Flogging The Quill. He'll critique your work if you submit the first chapter. He bases his analysis on the first sixteen lines of your work (in other words, the first page), a part he deems critical to catching the eye of an agent, editor, or potential buyer. I've submitted a few things to Ray, and although I don't recall ever getting that ultimate compliment--"I turned the page"--his suggestions have always been helpful.

Now Ray has distilled the wisdom he's gained in many years of writing and editing into one book, Flogging The Quill: Crafting A Novel That Sells. If you go to the site, you'll find that Ray has formed his own company to print this book (and that's a whole other subject, which I won't go into at this point). What I will do is say that this book has some of the most helpful writing advice I've encountered in quite a while, illustrated by copious--and I mean copious--examples. It's truly like having an editor on your bookshelf. I definitely recommend it.

Ray doesn't pull punches, and his illustrations have real-world wording at times. But there's nothing like the one (and only one) high-powered bit of profanity in the classic Self-Editing For Fiction Writers by Browne and King. (Please don't email me to ask where it is. You'll have to look it up.)

You can get more details on Ray's book and even pre-order it via this link to Then again, since you're one of my readers, you might want to click this link and take Ray up on his offer of a free PDF file of the book providing you'll help him spread the word about it. Details are on the web site. And don't say I never steered you toward a good deal.

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One More Writer said...

I'm always looking for good writing books. Thanks for the heads up on this one!