Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Stuff

Well, it is called "Random Jottings," so today you get a few random thoughts.

I recently posted about Twitter. I got into Twitter on the recommendation of my friend and colleague B. J. Hoff, and today B. J. posted about her current thoughts on the subject. Social networks can consume your life or be a nice way to keep up with a few friends. I have seen nothing that shows a presence there translates into increased sales, more speaking engagements, or any other tangible benefit other than what the name implies--social networking. Just my opinion, of course. And, by the way, don't be upset if you follow me on Twitter, but I don't follow you. I use it to keep up with a very small group of friends. Otherwise, it would consume my life, and that's busy enough already.

I'm also on FaceBook, again at the recommendation of other authors. Now there is definitely something that can take hold of your life and not let go. I've arranged it so that my "tweets" from Twitter are also posted on my FaceBook page, but don't expect to see me there a lot. On FaceBook, I was recently "tagged" by my agent and friend, Rachelle Gardner, in a game called "25 random things." I was supposed to post 25 random things about myself, then tag 25 other people. I don't respond to chain letters, I don't send money to Africa or Ireland in response to emails promising to make me a millionaire, and I don't "tag" people. But, to be a good sport, I did at least respond by posting such a list.

You may not be able to see my FaceBook page unless you join, so I'll close by sharing those 25 random things with you.

Here are 25 random things about me, some of which may actually be true:
1. I'm an only child (and act like it)
2. I grew up in a small town in Texas (and act like it)
3. I graduated from the University of North Texas (when it was North Texas State College)
4. I met my first wife when she was in nursing school on the campus of Southwestern Medical Center, where I was attending medical school.
5. I served almost three years in the Air Force as a medical officer.
6. I once knew how to speak Portuguese (but now only a few words).
7. My military service was in the Azores (thus, #6)
8. I've served as minister of music of a small Baptist congregation
9. I've sung with the Dallas Civic Chorus and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra
10. I played semi-pro baseball while I was in college
11. I could throw a curve ball, but couldn't hit one (thus, #12)
12. I never made it to the pros, but still love baseball
13. I can speak German
14. I'd love to go back to Germany, especially Freudenstadt in the Black Forest
15. My three children are each five years apart
16. I was in PTA for 22 years (see #15)
17. I never want to hear the phrase "PTA" again (see #16)
18. I lived for almost three decades in Duncanville, Texas
19. Duncanville is so small we couldn't afford a town drunk, we had to take turns.
20. I now live in Frisco, Texas, which is bigger (so I'm out of the rotation)
21. Kay and I drive Subarus--one apiece, each blue.
22. I won State in the Interscholastic League extemporaneous speech competition in 1953
23. I hate roller coasters and helicopters
24. My favorite color is blue. (see #21)
25. I don't "tag" other folks...but I forgive those who tag me.

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