Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who's Behind The Wheel?

We all get stories--lots of them--in our emails. I thought this one was funny. But once I stopped laughing, it raised some serious questions in my mind. See what you think.

The Reverend Billy Graham had just flown into Charlotte, NC, and his hosts had sent a limo to pick him up. After the luggage was stowed, Graham said to the chauffeur, "You know, I've always wanted to drive one of these stretch limousines. Would you let me get behind the wheel for a few miles?"

The driver wasn't sure about this, but decided that he'd go along with it. He gave the preacher his cap and climbed into the back seat. Rev. Graham was enjoying the horsepower under the hood when he noticed lights and a siren behind him. He pulled over and lowered his window, already regretting his mistake.

"Sir," said the State Trooper, "I had you at 70 in a 50 mile per hour zone." Then he did a double-take, tipped his hat, and hurried back to his patrol car.

"Commander, I need some advice," he said on the radio. "I've stopped a speeder. I was about to write a ticket, but I know we're supposed to show some respect for important persons. I just don't know what to do here, though. This is a really important person."

"The Governor?" the commander asked.

"Higher than that."

"The President?"

"Higher than that."

"Nobody's higher than that. Who do you think this is?"

The trooper scratched his head before answering. "Well, I can't see into the back seat very well, but I think it must be Jesus. You see, Billy Graham is the chauffeur."

Sure, it's funny, but it made me think. Who's driving the limo of my life? Is God up front, steering my course? Or have I relegated Him to the back seat while I take things for a spin, sometimes ignoring the speed limit or taking a wrong turn. Maybe I need to take off my chauffeur's cap and let Him drive. Because, if I don't, that's not funny--it's dead serious.


Crystal Laine said...

But it says so much about Billy Graham that the only person he would chauffeur would be Jesus! Ha, Amen! (I've heard this before, but it still makes me smile.)

I know what you mean, though. I am so guilty of the same thing. Sigh. Thanks for the reminder!(dead serious, humorously stated.)

Anonymous said...

I've never heard this story before. You're right, funny at first, but deeper....who's driving my car. I often go to that analogy. My friends would attest to that.

I often try and take the steering wheel, but whenever I do, something feels off.

NOW, I don't think I'm to just sit idle in the passenger side...I think I need to ask "Where are we going, Jesus? I'll go where you take me but who can we pick up along the way?"

He calls us to go out...and with HIM driving, we can make the stops HE wants to make and do HIS will during those stops.

Great post today!