Friday, November 14, 2008

Too Busy To Write

Just watched an interview with the late, great Red Skelton, done when he was 80 years old. The clip runs for ten minutes, and is well worth your time. The world lost not only a comedic genius but a truly humble, kind, great man when he died over ten years ago.
In the interview--and remember, he was 80 years old at the time--he tells about his typical day, which began at 5:30 AM and included writing music (a number of symphonies), poems (hundreds), a love letter to his wife (one each day), short stories (52 a year) and painting. Whew! I can't complain any longer about not getting things done.


Anonymous said...

And, oh, was he ever funny!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing... what a treat!!! And yes, a beautiful and lovely man. Only good and funny things came from this man. Years ago, living in Hawaii, they had his wonderful paintings everywhere.
Blessings... :)

Katherine Mary said...

It came out, anonymous said, suppose to be: Katherine Mary