Saturday, October 18, 2008

Article Online

I have an article in the latest issue of the online magazine, The Dabbling Mum. It's titled, "What Do I Have To Do To Get Published?" I hope you'll check it out. While you're there, scan through the other information offered--business, home, parenting, shopping, cooking, and...of course...writing. There's a wealth of material, and I think you'll enjoy it. I'm hoping to have a post by the site's creator up soon. Watch for it.

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Camille Eide said...

I haven't read your DM article... I stopped by to say I just received my In Touch magazine today and read your article "Rock Formation: The spiritual journey of Simon Peter." Thanks! What a great reminder it's not about us, but what God can do through us. And in spite of us! (well written, too!)

I am going to give this article to my pastor tomorrow - I prepare his power point notes for Sunday sermons, and Luke 5:1-11 is the text for tomorrow. I wonder what God is trying to tell me...
(He does know I like Rock and play bass guitar...but somehow I doubt that's it.)