Friday, September 05, 2008

Inside Advice From Moonrat

It seems to me that I could spend all day just reading various blogs about writing, but if I did that I wouldn't get anything done, would I? I've shared some of those blogs with you already, but here's an interesting one. Today, agent Nathan Bransford gave a link to an excellent post by "Moonrat" on why you need an agent.

For those of you who may look askance at the blog's title, let me explain that Moonrat (the pseudonym of the blogger--that's a moonrat in the picture) is an Editorial Assistant, which is generally abbreviated to the wording you see in the title. As for this particular post, we've all seen posts by agents listing the reasons why every writer should have an agent. It's neat to see some of the same reasons set forth by someone from the editorial side. The way she puts it, I sort of figure she's seen these scenarios play out.

Speaking of blogs, the first one I open each morning is that of agent Rachelle Gardner. I don't know how Rachelle finds the time or patience to keep posting the wealth of information about publishing that you find one her site, but I'm happy to take advantage of her good nature by reading it all. Hope you'll do the same.

Just wanted to pass this on. Have a great weekend.

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