Monday, August 25, 2008

Sleepy In Seattle

I recall days in college when I could pull an all-nighter in preparation for a big exam and never even yawn the next day. These episodes were even more frequent in medical school, but as long as the coffee held out I was fine. During my internship, I worked six weeks in the Emergency Room of Parkland Hospital in a schedule of on for thirty-six hours, off for twelve. It was tough, but I was young and resilient and I survived. But those days are long gone. I need my rest. Especially now.

Kay and I moved a week ago. The days that followed were filled with people parading through the house to hook up phone lines and internet service, check out the air conditioning system, rekey the door name it. We bumped into boxes at every turn. Kay and I took turns asking, "Do you remember which box that was in?"--often with negative results. And six days after the move, we took off for this previously scheduled vacation.

We've been in Seattle, the Emerald City, for two days now, and despite the presence of a Starbucks on every corner (I kid you not), we're still sleepy. But we're getting there. And we're doing a bit of exploring.

Yesterday we managed to make it to SafeCo Field to watch a game between the only two teams in the American League West that are worse than our Texas Rangers. The game wasn't much, but the foot-long hot dogs were excellent, the field was a magnificent sight, and the smell of the garlic fries dropped our blood pressures twenty points.

Today we trekked down to Pike Place Market, a place where stalls selling fresh fish co-exist with merchants displaying wonderful produce, magnificent flowers, and lots of souvenirs. We enjoyed a crabmeat-salad sandwich for lunch while watching the ferries heading out of the bay. In other words, we played tourist.

I have my laptop with me, but I won't be writing this week. If I see something that might be useful in a future scene, I'll jot down some notes. But otherwise, I'm just letting my mind rest. Stephen Covey calls this "sharpening the saw." I think it's a great idea. Right now, my saw is still pretty dull, so I'm going to shut this thing down and get some rest.


Nicole said...

I wish I'd known you were comin' to "my" town, Richard. I could've made arrangements to meet you and your wife at a Starbucks. And, yes, they are on every corner, nook and cranny. Hope you enjoy your time away from home.

Nicole said...

(And I'm sorry the weather is unseasonably cool for this time of the year.)