Friday, August 22, 2008

My Devotional in Upper Room

In the hustle and bustle of moving, I'd almost forgotten that my devotional was published in the latest issue of Upper Room Devotional Guide. Then I began receiving emails about it. It's humbling to realize that my words--actually, the words God gave me--were read in eleven languages by millions of people in multiple countries around the world. The meditations I've had published in this devotional guide have reached more readers than I could ever hope to touch with my more "conventional" efforts, either fiction or non-fiction. It's a privilege to have that opportunity.

Sorry for my extended absence from the blog-o-sphere. We're now in our new home, with phone service and internet access once more. Of course, we sometimes get lost among the labyrinth of boxes, but we're happy to be here.

We'll be on vacation for a week, although I may have the opportunity to post sometime next week. But I promise I'll be back online by Labor Day, ready to share my thoughts on writing and life in general. Thanks for your patience.

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Myra Johnson said...

Congratulations on your new home! Don't envy you the moving-in part, though. It hasn't been all that long since we made a major move.

As a devotional writer myself, I know exactly what you mean about feeling blessed by readers' feedback. I cherish every one of those notes and e-mails. It really is a privilege to serve God's kingdom in this way.

Have a great vacation! After a move, you deserve one!