Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hunting A House Or An Editor/Agent

As we continue the dance of "Can we sell this house? Can we find another?" I'm struck by how many of the pitfalls along the way remind me of similar frustrations and disappointments in my writing career. Here's another example.

We've actually found two houses that we really like. We made offers--negotiated in good faith--only to have the negotiations fizzle for various reasons, none of them having to do with us. So the search continues.

Ever make contact with an editor or an agent and think there was a real connection there? You send your proposal, get a request for a full manuscript, and then you wait. Sometimes you get a pass letter and your heart sinks, but instead of that you may receive a communication asking you to make some revisions and resubmit. The connection is still there, you feel the tingle of something in the offing. You do the work, make the revisions, and wait some more. Then you get the word that things just aren't working out. Maybe this comes as a phone call or an email instead of the boilerplate letter, but it still hurts. So you stamp your foot, maybe say a few choice words, possibly go on a chocolate binge. Eventually, pain and resentment are replaced by a spirit of soldiering on, so you get back to work and keep trying.

We believe we'll find the house we want. And those of you who are serious about your writing believe you will find the agent or editor you want. Meanwhile, back to work. Because persistence and determination are house-hunting and in writing.

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