Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Open Book

Here's a short post to respond to being "tagged" by author Ane Mulligan. I ordinarily don't play these games of online tag, but this one intrigued me. The rules are simple:

* Open the book you are currently reading, or the one nearest your computer.
* Turn to page 123 (so, obviously, the book has to have this many pages).
* Count down to the fifth sentence.
* Post the next three sentences.
* Tag five more people.

I'm currently working my way again through the works of Robert B. Parker, whose fiction I consider some of the most entertaining I've ever read. Dr. Parker, a former professor of English, writes some of the smoothest prose I've encountered. And I love the way he develops his characters. This one is his first novel, The Godwulf Manuscript.

"Get far enough away and it looks kind of pretty, don't it?" she said. "You only get order from a distance. Close up is always messy."

Instead of tagging five other folks, I'm going to suggest that you, dear reader, do this on your own blog (or as a comment here if you wish). If you choose to bedevil some poor soul after that, be it on your head. Come back this weekend and we'll see if I'm ready to post my current rant (apologies to Rachelle Gardner, whom I think owns the term).

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Melanie's Words Work said...

The book closest to my computer doesn't come in handy for this, but I'll post anyway. Somebody has to be first, right? Oh, the reason it's not handy is because the book is aboout an English teacher. Page 123 starts with a student essay.

"When I was born, my father was 20 years old and my mother was 19 and I was what people call a surprise. My mom and dad weren't married and even though I came along they never got married. The three of us lived together, though -- mostly."

From "Every Secret Thing" by Ann Tatlock