Sunday, February 10, 2008

Help For Writers

I've often written about some of the books that are available to help those who want to learn to write better. In the three years that I've been writing, I've amassed a significant library. Not only do I own these volumes, I've actually read them--some of them several times, including highlighting passages and decorating them with Post-It notes to mark significant pages.

We're coming into the season of writers' conferences, and I'm a fan of those, as well. Conferences give me the opportunity to sit in classes and hear experts share their knowledge, but they also provide me a chance to get to know other writers, as well as agents and editors. I think they're a great resource.This year I'll be attending the Blue Ridge Mountain Writers Conference, which has begun its own blog.

Something that tends to be ignored is the information for writers that is available on various blogs and web sites, material that comes from agents, editors, and authors. You may want to get inside information on publishing from the blogs of agents Rachelle Gardner and Chip MacGregor. There's useful material at the new blog of Mary DeMuth and authors DiAnn Mills and Austin Boyd. My friend, Dr. Michael Palmer, has a significant amount of information for writers on his blog. These are simply examples, and I apologize to anyone I've failed to mention. It's not an exhaustive list. A bit of searching will let you add many more sites.

None of these sites will make you a finished writer, but they all offer the opportunity to learn from those who are established in the profession. And one thing I've learned early about writing--actually, about life--is that we should never stop learning. Write on.

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