Friday, January 04, 2008

"Plumb Lazy"

For those of you keeping score, I haven't posted for about a week. The holidays have been busy ones, and right now I feel "plumb lazy," as my grandfather would say in his Tennessee/Texas accent. Matter of fact, if I were to play a game, I'd opt for the "Rubik's cube for the lazy" pictured here.

It's not that I don't have any inspiration to write. I do. The meditation for January 29 in this issue of Upper Room is mine. I've had an article published in the January issue of Christian Communicator. I've just completed the final edits of novel number four and sent the manuscript and proposal to my agent, who was highly complimentary of the writing. I mean, it's time to sit down at the keyboard and begin stringing words together again. But right now I'm in the midst of reading an excellent book (it's an advance reading copy--more about it when I finish) and just feel "plumb lazy."

Hope you're recovering from the holidays, and that your new year is looking good. If I can get over this terminal malaise, I'll be back with a new post in a few days. If I don't, you can guess why. All together now: "He's feeling ____ ____."

Seriously, I do have some great interviews coming up in the next few weeks, so don't give up.


Anne Mateer said...

You've been busy this year. You probably need a little while to be plumb lazy! Enjoy a little time off before you hit the blank page once more.

The Encourager said...

Richard, You may feel "plumb lazy," but your mention of Rubik's cube for the lazy has inspired me to write. You see, one of the Christmas gifts I purchased for my nine-year-old daughter was a Rubik's cube...a real one with the mean-spirited colored tiles. Anyway, she spent about 3 minutes with it before I picked it up and became to conquering the wretched little thing. Since Christmas, I've spent countless hours twisting, turning, and threatening the cube, at one point even coming to within four tiles of having it completed successfully. Then, it mocks me! I've even become convinced the little square has a laugh-box inside that emits an evil "bwaaaa" everytime I mess up any progress I've made. Now I'm ready to either borrow colored markers from my daughter or drop Rubik in an open can of white paint.

Interesting...I often feel similar emotions when I'm working on a manuscript. Fortunately, perseverance wins out!

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem getting back into things after Christmas.
If it weren't for the fact that I had a deadline, I'm not sure I would've picked up the pen for another month!