Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Interview With DiAnn Mills

Today I’m pleased to have fellow Texan and accomplished writer DiAnn Mills as my guest. After you’ve read the interview, leave a comment to be eligible to win a copy of her latest novel, Awaken My Heart.

RM: DiAnn, Awaken My Heart takes place in 19th century Texas. You’ve written so much about Texas and its history. What attracted you to this place and this period? Why do you think it will appeal to your readers?

DM: I grew up in Ohio, so I’m a 28 year transplant to Texas. Before I started to school, the Davy Crockett theme song was my favorite, and when I went to first grade, I had to have a Davy Crockett lunch box. Like that early pioneer, I got to Texas as fast as I could. I’m fascinated with the rugged and courageous people who helped build this state – and it’s such a melting pot. When one considers the native Americans, the Spanish, the Mexican, the black African, and all the different other people who came to Texas, well it paves the way for many, many stories.

RM: The book deals with friction between Anglo and Hispanic people. This was a touchy subject then and it remains one today. Did you have any misgivings about writing on a controversial subject?

DM: Absolutely not. People are people. If God doesn’t look at the outer shell, then we have no reason to discriminate against color and race either. There are wonderful, good people in every race and culture, and there are those who are not contributors to a peaceful and advancing community.

RM: Much of the tension in Awaken My Heart comes from forbidden love, in this case forbidden by the social and political environment of the day. The same subject has captivated authors going back to Shakespeare and before. Is there an answer to the problem?

DM: I believe love is a gift from God. Take a look at our biblical heritage and the unusual and sometimes incredible couples that God put together. Times haven’t changed. There will always be issues and challenges in any relationship, but if God has ordained it, then He will guide the relationship.

RM: Knowing how prolific you are, I suspect that you’re deep into yet another novel. Can you give us a preview?

DM: ☺ Well, I’m working on a romantic suspense book for Tyndale. It’s the second in the Behind the Sunglasses Series, about women in traditionally male roles. But I’m also putting together a few historical proposals.

RM: You and I first met at the Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference, and you are frequently a faculty member at such conferences. How can you justify taking time away from your writing to devote your energy to helping others in the writing field?

DM: My ministry is as much teaching and helping other writers to achieve their goals as it is writing books that entertain and inspire. I’m also a mentor for Jerry Jenkins Christian Writer’s Guild and I teach fiction mentoring clinics. It’s all a part of what I do.

RM: And, as always, any final words for my readers?

DM: Let me hear from you. You can contact me via my web site. I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter. If you are a writer, keep at it! If you are a reader, God bless you! Without faithful readers, we writers would have nothing.

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great interview! i'd loe to win a copy of this book! hsmuda[at]gmail[dot]com thanks!

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