Friday, December 07, 2007

The Busy Season

Where does the time go? In case you haven't noticed, it's December already. And less than three weeks until Christmas. Christmas cards? Shopping? Travel plans? Of course, each of you has these under control. Sure you do.

One of our guilty pleasures is relaxing in the evening watching previously recorded sitcoms, and there's an episode of Frasier that's a classic. Niles, played by David Hyde Pearce, is playing the part of the adult Jesus in a Christmas pageant. He's in Frasier's apartment to get his nasal spray, because he's reacting to the hay in the manger scene. He runs into the mother of Frasier's current girl friend, there for a brief visit. Only one problem--the girl and her mother are Jewish, so Frasier is pretending that he is, too. At the end of a hilarious scene, Niles says, "Sorry, I have to run." The mother's line is a classic: "Of course. This is your busy season."

The problem with most of us, myself included, is that this is indeed our own busy season. But I hope that we're never too busy to reflect on the meaning of the season. Not the wreaths, the lights, the gifts, the carols, the family celebrations. No, the reason we celebrate is that God came to earth in human form to give each of us the greatest gift we could ever hope for. Eternal life.

Enjoy the season--and the reason. Blessings to you and yours.

NOTE TO FRIENDS OF KRISTY DYKES: Kristy, one of the sweetest authors around, has undergone surgery for a malignant brain tumor. She starts radiation treatment on this coming Monday, and she and her husband, Milton, have asked us to pray for her at 3:30 PM Eastern time on that day. For details on her situation, you can check out her web site, where Milton is continuing to post.

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