Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Guest Blogger: DiAnn Mills

I don't mean to cause you to panic, but we're six weeks away from Christmas. While I try to address my Christmas cards, I'm turning the blog over today to fellow Texan DiAnn Mills, whose latest book is A Texas Legacy Christmas.

Watch this blog this weekend when I'll post the name of the winner of a copy of A Texas Legacy Christmas, chosen at random from those who leave a comment.

Now, here's DiAnn:

Christmas is the time of year when we remember friends and family, when a bit of nostalgia roots in our hearts and blossoms into sentimental moments. Our faith in God and the birth of Jesus shapes our ideals of what we want for the world, our country, and our community. Peace on earth becomes an action instead of a greeting.
The Texas Legacy Series comes to a close with the Christmas book. The characters who I have grown to love and respect will always be with me, but now it’s time to finish the story. We think of Christmas as the beginning of our Christian faith, a time for all of us to reflect on the past and to step forward. I think this is a perfect time to say goodbye to our friends in Kahlerville, Texas.
For me, writing about historical Texas brings that era to life. In the beginning when I wrote Leather and Lace, I fell in love with Casey and her dream of forsaking the outlaw life. But the story would not let me go. Grant needed his story told in Lanterns and Lace, and Bonnie’s sweet story had to be told in Lightning and Lace. I fell in love with Zach Kahler, Bonnie’s son, and I could not let the series end without showing how that wayward boy had grown into a fine man.
Our lives are much like these characters. We grow and change while seeking to turn our weaknesses into strengths. Our faith is challenged, and even though we may stray, God’s love is permanent. Fiction is my way of planting seeds about truth. Writing about Texas history has allowed me to grow truth and memorable characters in the hearts of my readers. And maybe, just maybe, the story might make a difference in someone’s life.

Thanks, DiAnn. Now leave your comments and come back this weekend to see if you've won a copy of this excellent novel.


Stormi said...

I love Christmas books! Sign me up for the drawing. =)


Miralee Ferrell said...

I'd love to win this book...but if I do, I'll have to buy the first three, LOL! Still hope I win, it sounds like a great series.

Crystal Laine said...

I love this series and love everything DiAnn writes--so don't sign me up for this book drawing--I have it! But just wanted you to know that I enjoyed reading this interview--thanks Dr. Richard and DiAnn.

I haven't read the latest DiAnn book but I see it is up for January pick on ACFW book club, so I better get over there to vote for it.

Keep on writing (both of you!) (But don't put exclamation points in your writing!)

Richard L. Mabry, MD said...

Using scientific methodology and a quarter that came up "tails," it has been determined that Miralee won the copy of DiAnn's book that she so graciously offered to donate. I've sent an email notification to the winner. Stormi, better luck next time, and thanks for entering.