Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No Reason To Be Discouraged

I've been sort of down about my writing recently—but I shouldn’t be. My first novel was rejected by a number of publishers—but at least they got to see it. My second novel seems to be stuck right now between an editor and the pub board—but if it gets rejected, there are other houses to try. Recently my agent thought my third novel needed a serious plot revision to carry the reader's interest through to the end—but now I’ve written three full-length novels.

I’ve had one non-fiction book published, and The Tender Scar continues to minister to those who have suffered the loss of a spouse. But unless you do a follow-up book, publishers may think you're a "one trick pony." So now I've begun work on a second non-fiction book, aimed at a much broader audience than The Tender Scar and the proposal for that is also "out there" while I wait...and wait...and wait.

Anyway, I was feeling sorry for myself to the point that I was about to turn off my computer and give writing a rest when I got an email from my agent. After that, there were emails and calls back and forth plus a query from her to an editor with whom she has a good relationship. The long and the short of it is that I'm now plotting a novel in a genre that is quite different from what I've previously written... and it's fun. Besides that, there's a decent chance that it will get a long, hard look by an editor at a well-established house. Not the path I’d charted and it may not lead anywhere, but at least it seems to be a step forward. For those of you who are harboring doubts, there really is something to this "God's timing" thing. I'm glad He's in charge.

I just received my first copy of Writer's Digest this week. I'm not sure how I'll like it, but I thought it was worth investing twelve bucks for a year's subscription at a special price. I opened it and my eye hit on this quotation, which seems appropriate for a closing statement. It's from award-winning novelist Ann Brashares. "There are going to be moments of deep, deep doubts, and you have to have faith that your initial idea was good and just muddle through." So I keep on muddling. Hope those of you who are down about your writing will do the same.

For various reasons I may not be posting for about a week. However, be sure to come back on Wednesday, September 19, for an interview with Brandilyn Collins. (Note—No one is dead by the end of the first chapter of her newest novel. Want to know why? Come back and read the interview).


Brian A. Klems said...

We hope you enjoy our magazine. I recommend the Questions & Quandaries column. ;-)

Take care of yourself and your writing,
Brian A. Klems

Timothy Fish said...

"Just muddle through" seems like good advice. I have made it a policy to finish writing any book that I start before moving on to the next. This was not always the case. I was going though some of my abandoned manuscripts the other day, the ones that I started to write and never quite finished. One of them is 43,000+ words long. I felt kind of odd when I looked at the word count. Here was a book that was more than halfway done (in terms of total word count) and I had abandoned it. Someday, I may go back and finish it just to see how it turns out, but for now it will stay with all the other abandoned plots.

One More Writer said...

You know I'm always cheering for you from the sidelines. Can't wait to hear what the new book entails. I'll be disappointed if I don't see you at ACFW this weekend!


Kristy Dykes said...

Sorry to be so late in commenting about your recent posts. Neat, about your new direction in writing. Sounds fascinating! Keep us posted.