Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Interview With Brandilyn Collins

Today I’m pleased to have Brandilyn Collins as my guest. Brandilyn’s new book, Crimson Eve, has just been released, and I can tell my readers that they won’t be disappointed by this latest effort of Brandilyn’s.

RM: Brandilyn, before we get into talking about Crimson Eve, tell us how you’re healing from your snowmobile accident some months back. And how did all that affect your writing schedule?

BC: Doc, don’t ever let anybody tell ya you’ll have “more time to write” after an accident that lays you up. That’s the lamest thing I ever heard (pun intended). There’s nothing time-freeing about taking five minutes to get from bathroom to bed, an hour to take a shower and get dressed, ten minutes to go down the stairs on your butt, etc. I’d have been better off if I was able to crutch, but with my right arm, I couldn’t. So I ended up hopping on my one good leg. Let’s just say that doesn’t get you very far. Throw into the mix my inability to take pain pills, the mind-numbing amnesia the anesthesia gave me, and sheesh. I was a basket case.

Anyway, by God’s grace the book I was working on got turned in on time (accounting for a two-week granted extension). Since then I’ve written another one, and am now working on the one after that. I’m walking okay. Still have some stiffness in the joint (thanks to all the ligaments I tore). Not running yet, due to same ligament issues. I’ll go in probably in October for the third surgery—to get the plate and screws out. That’ll put me back in the boot for awhile. But then it’s onward and upward.

Thanks for asking.

RM: I’ve read the first chapter of Crimson Eve and was surprised that no one was dead by the time I stopped reading, although we are introduced to a “hit man” early on. Are you getting soft? Can we expect a kinder, gentler Kanner Lake with this one?

BC: Are you kidding me? Nobody dead by page two? Man, am I slipping.

RM: Is this the last Kanner Lake novel? And, if so, what is this going to do to the Scenes and Beans blog and the Kanner Lake website?

BC: Actually, Crimson Eve isn’t the last Kanner Lake novel. The final one, Amber Morn, comes out next spring. Amber Morn involves the Scenes and Beans blog big-time. I can’t say any more than that. Once you read Amber Morn, you’ll see what will happen to the blog—and it will make perfect sense.

As for the dedicated Kanner Lake web site, it will stay up, and my main web site will link to it. The Kanner Lake site will house the beginning chapters of each book in the series, and the discussion questions.

RM: Okay, so much for chit-chat. Tell us about Crimson Eve.

BC: This story is different from the first two books in the series. First, it’s more of a whydunit than a whodunit. Second, it’ll take you out of Kanner Lake proper and into the surrounding countryside. Third, as you noted, there’s no body by page two. However, in all of my writing, nothing happens without much aforethought on my part. So all I can say is, there’s a reason for that.

Crimson Eve is similar to the other two in that it’s a past/present story. In this book, the past story is paramount to the present, and in fact, drives the present story. Because of the topics and events, it’s almost a women’s fiction story inserted into a suspense. I think it will have appeal to a wide range of people. Also, like the other two Kanner Lake books, it happens in a short time frame.

For the BHCC (Big Honkin’ Chickens Club) members—Crimson Eve is not as intense as Coral Moon. Perhaps it’s more the intensity level of Violet Dawn. Maybe you’ll be able to make it through this one.

For the back cover copy, visit this page on the Kanner Lake web site. To read the first chapter, go here.

RM: And your plans for the future?

BC: Killing off more people, of course.

RM: Any final words for your fans out there (other than “send chocolate”)?

BC: How about "send DeBrands chocolate." No. How about send money. I’m still paying off that bet with Deb Raney, in which I had to pony up for five pounds of chocolate just ’cause the wimp read one of my books (the one dedicated to her, no less). Two and a half of those pounds of chocolate were DeBrands. After making the bet, I about had a heart attack when someone told me four DeBrands truffles cost $20. My husband and I had to refinance the house.

RM: Brandilyn, thanks for stopping by.

Brandilyn is a hard act to follow, but next week I’ll be posting an interview with James Scott Bell, whose new book, Try Dying, will be released next month. Hope you’ll come back and see what Jim has to say about his latest book.


Lisa Jordan said...

Very nice interview. I have Violet Dawn and I'm trying to get up the nerve to finish it before I move onto the rest of the books in the series. I'm a fan of suspense novels, but lately my reading time has been at bedtime. NO way am I reading BC's novels after dark. :-)

Tina Helmuth said...

Great interview, Richard. I already planned to buy Crimson Eve, but this fires up my excitement again.

Kristy Dykes said...

Great interview, y'all. Great questions, great answers. Thanks. I feel like I just had a nice chat with both of you.

Tina Helmuth said...

Great interview, Richard. I already planned to buy Crimson Eve, but this fires up my excitement again.