Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Juggling Act

Today's blog entry from my friend, D'Ann Mateer, talks about handling the responsibilities of family life while still finding time to write. When I took up writing (almost four years ago), I figured that it would keep me busy. After all, I'm retired--what else would I have to do?

The laughter I hear is probably from those of my readers who are retired. I've heard it most of my life, but now I can attest to its truthfulness: "I don't know how I ever managed to work." Retired life is...or, at least, can be...quite full. And just like D'Ann and all my other friends who write, whether as an occupation or an avocation, writing just has to be squeezed into the time available.

Right now, I'm taking the advice I've given to others. Keep more than one writing project going. When one thing is going slow, go to another one. And keep those submissions going out. Today, I've sent the manuscript of my third novel to my agent. I've completed the final draft of an article I'm submitting to a Christian writing publication. And I'm polishing my proposal and sample chapters of another non-fiction book.

For the writers out there, if you're keeping more than one ball in the air, good for you. The more you write, the better your work. The more you submit, the better your chances for acceptance. So, to quote the title of Elizabeth George's classic book on writing, Write Away.

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