Monday, July 02, 2007

My Country, Tis Of Thee....

I hope that you'll take the time to celebrate Independence Day. Fly your flag. Enjoy the fireworks. Grill outside and share food and fellowship with your family or friends. And, most of all, reflect on the blessings you enjoy because you live in a free country. Politics and world view aside, we are extremely fortunate to be in this land. I'm reminded of a poem I had to memorize in high school English--thank you, Mrs. Billie Casey--and it's occasions like this that make the lines come back to me. The poem is called "America For Me," and you can read the whole thing here. Yes, there are lots of places in the world that are really nice (and I am fortunate enough to have readers in many of them), but I can't imagine myself living anywhere but America.

If you'd like to test your knowledge of America, take this quiz. It's fun, and I'm pleased to report that I passed. Then try it on your kids and see if they're paying attention in American History.

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