Friday, April 20, 2007

Time For Meditation And Renewal

I'm writing this while listening to the Maui surf roll. Kay and I are enjoying some time for relaxation here on our favorite island in Hawaii. The condo unit to which we've chosen to return year after year is located in one of the quieter areas of the island (Sugar Beach, at Kihei). We enjoy each other's company, walk on the beach, eat seafood caught fresh that morning, and always come back refreshed.

I've had a history of writing-related breakthroughs while on Maui. It was here that I retrieved an answering machine message from an editor who wanted to discuss my first novel. Even though it never made it past the pub board, it was an affirming time. It was while here that I learned that Kregel was offering me a contract for my non-fiction book, The Tender Scar. On this trip, I received an email from my agent, Janet Benrey, who had read the manuscript of my second novel and had suggestions for more work to make it better. (Thanks, Janet). While walking the beach this morning, Kay and I talked for almost an hour on how I could make those changes. I hope that by the time we make it back to Duncanville, I'll have some fresh ideas fleshed out and ready to execute.

I'm thankful for this opportunity to get away for a time of meditation and renewal. I hope the results will be evident when I begin applying what the Lord is giving me on those quiet walks.

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Anne Mateer said...

I'm sooooo jealous! Jeff and I went to Maui three years ago for the first time. We never thought we'd want to go there, but we loved it. We sure hope to get back there someday.

Have a wonderful time.