Monday, April 09, 2007

The Day After Easter

I've enjoyed reading some of the blogs of my fellow authors as the Easter season progressed. Some made passing mention, some no mention at all, and a few gave a significant amount of space to the events of Holy Week.
Now it's the day after Easter. True, it doesn't really produce the same letdown feeling that many of us experience after Christmas. (I love the way former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Don Meredith, put it: "Ain't nothin' as over as Christmas.") But to many of us there is a bit of a feeling of anticlimax.
I'm going to suggest that the proper attitude to adopt now is this. I'm going to begin the countdown to next Easter, remembering every day the significance of what we've just celebrated.
The instrument pictured here is an astrolabe: a wonderfully crafted work of art, an instrument that shows the alignment of stars and planets. It can be used as a form of calendar. As a matter of fact, on the back of this one is a carefully engraved calendar showing all the Christian holidays for the year. I'm not much on keeping track of St. Swithin's Day, but Easter is sort of special to me--especially since my first wife went to be with the Lord. I never tire of the Resurrection story. I gain hope from the promise of Christ to the thief crucified beside him: "This day you will be with me in Paradise."
So, I've set my sights on next Easter. And until then, I plan to live each day as though God was watching. Because He is.

Note to my readers: Be sure to come back on Thursday, April 12, to see my interview with Brandilyn Collins.

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