Tuesday, March 13, 2007

While There's Time To Enjoy It

We have just finished remodeling our kitchen. Little did I know, when I told Kay that we should go ahead with the project, that it would be this complicated. I won't go into detail. It would bore you and make me cry. Let's just say that it took about twice as long as we expected, cost almost twice as much as I thought--and the end result is so nice that I wish we'd done it years ago.

How many times have you put off doing something, only to realize, after it was done, that you should have done it much earlier? You see the final product, recognize the fruit of your labor, and wish you'd gone ahead long ago.

In our case, we knew that we'd have to modernize the kitchen before even thinking about selling our house. (No, kids, we're not moving. Just planning for that "someday" down the road). That's when I said, "We should do it now. Let's don't spend the money and put forth the effort so that somebody else can enjoy it. Let's do it for us." So we did, and I'm glad.

I had the privilege of knowing Mickey Mantle. At the last baseball fantasy camp I attended, Mickey hit what would prove to be his last home run. It was a highly emotional moment for everyone there, and since I was in the first base coaching box, I got to shake his hand when he shuffled around the base. Mickey found Christ before he died, but I keep wondering what kind of influence he could have had if he had done this much earlier in his life. His testimony could have reached untold thousands who might not otherwise pay any attention to the call of Christ. And, like us with our kitchen, Mickey could have experienced the joy of redemption and renewal while there was really time to enjoy it.


Anne Mateer said...

What a good word, Richard, on both the practical and the spiritual levels!

Kristy Dykes said...

Wow, your kitchen is beautiful. Thanks for posting the pic. Glad you're enjoying it, like you said.