Monday, December 11, 2006

Recent Interview Posted

My fellow Texan, Christian fiction author Lena Nelson Dooley, has been kind enough to post an interview with me on her blog. I've included the address as a clickable link at the end of this posting. You might find the interview interesting reading, and if you add a comment you'll be eligible to receive a copy of The Tender Scar that Lena will be giving away. Interestingly enough, she liked the copy I sent her well enough that I told her to keep it, and I'll send another autographed copy to the winner that she picks.

That brings up an interesting point. My book was written with a specific audience in mind: someone who had suffered the loss of a spouse or another loved one. But a number of people who have not experienced such a loss have read it and told me that they couldn't put it down--they read my journal entries that introduce each chapter and found themselves caught up in my journey. I never figured that The Tender Scar would reach that audience, but I'm glad that it does. It just extends the ministry of the book, a ministry I didn't seek but am doing my best to further.

As I've said before about my "new career" in Christian writing and speaking: God is doing great things. I just have to be careful not to get in His way.

To read the interview, go to Lena's blog. And thanks for stopping by.

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