Saturday, October 21, 2006

New Beginnings

Those of you who have been to my web site know about my past history--how I entered the field of Christian writing after the death of my first wife. This is a classic example of a new beginning stemming from an ending, a tragedy. And sometimes that's the way God lets it play out. Something bad happens, we feel that things have come to a crashing halt, and then we see the door open and a new beginning stares us in the face.

At other times, new beginnings happen without an accompanying tragedy. Happily, I'm having the happy opportunity of being involved in such an event. Next month I'll have the privilege of walking my daughter, Ann, down the aisle as she marries Benny Kirkham. Kay and I have been blessed by sharing their joy (and commiserating with them when foul-ups in arrangements threatened). They're truly in love with each other, and we couldn't be more pleased for them.

In writing, as in life, there are ups and downs. Writer's block, rejection, lack of time--things don't always go well. And even if they do, it often doesn't seem to be going as well as we'd like. Whether your path is smooth or rough, be patient and wait on God. You could be surprised with a new beginning.


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