Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Reading Blogs

One thing that marks the serious writer is that he or she spends an inordinate amount of time reading. Not just books on technique, although they're important, as I've said in this column before. And not just articles and meditations, although they certainly should be a part of the author's reading list. In this electronic age, there's a great deal of knowledge available at the click of a mouse. Nowadays, you've got to have a blog if you're an author. Blogs abound, and although some of them are unashamedly self-promotional, others selflessly offer information that is valuable to those of us who struggle along the road to writing.

I've included links to a couple of my favorite blogs in the margin of this blog. Head and shoulders above the rest is the daily posting from the Charis Connection. This group of Christian authors post material that is interesting and informative, and the diversity of the membership leads to some spirited exchanges, both in the blogs themselves and in the comments that follow.

Another great blog is that posted by Terry Whalin, fiction acquisitions editor of Howard Books. Terry's "The Writing Life" reflects his true interest in educating the fledgling writer, and comes from a background of being a journalist, an author, and an editor with an interest in both fiction and non-fiction work.

There are others out there, and I like lots of them. The blogs of Jim Bell and Alton Gansky are occasional postings, but always interesting and informative. Choose the ones you like, bookmark them, and consult them often. They'll broaden your horizons, and that's always good for a writer.

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