Tuesday, October 06, 2015

"Just Look That Up"

I heard it just the other day. "Just look that up." We've all grown dependent on our electronic umbilical cords, haven't we? We use our smart phones, our tablets, our laptops and computers for everything--phone calls, contacts, web sites, email, browsing the Internet. And just let one of those things go out--if your Internet access goes down, your phone doesn't work right, you're in (shudder) a zone where there's no connectivity--and suddenly you feel like Robinson Caruso, alone on your own little desert island.

A friend visited us from out of town last week. I started to give him directions to our house, but he said, "I'll just program the address in to my GPS." And, I must admit, I use our own GPS when trying to navigate in unfamiliar territory. I tried using my phone's app for that some years back, then discovered that there was no cell service in the area of deep East Texas where I was going. Man, did I feel lost...both literally and figuratively.

This isn't a rant about electronics and how dependent on them we've come. I recognize that a visitor to our current world from fifty years back would be amazed at the advances we have. But can you imagine what might be down the pike?

What advances would you like to see in the next few years? I think it would be interesting to hear...or read...well, you know what I mean. Just leave a comment.

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Patricia Bradley said...

I'm still waiting for those flying cars it was predicted we'd have by 2020. :-)
A quick comment on our digital toys. Of course, they've become much more than tools now. I would have never written a book on a typewriter. And I like being connected. I like being able to respond to this post while sitting in a hospital waiting room.

What I don't like to see is a family sitting in a restaurant and each person on their cell phones. Great post!

Richard Mabry said...

Patricia, the story is funny, but there's truth to it--A man is driving his teen-age daughter and two friends to school. They're all on their cell phones. He asks what they're doing. His daughter says, "Texting each other." He asks why they don't just talk. "We don't want you to know what we're saying."
Soon our children will be born with a cell phone in one hand and a laptop in the other--and that's scary.
Thanks for your comment.

Shirley Strait said...

I can't help but remember the scene in the Star Trek movie where Scottie is talking to the computer and doesn't know why it isn't doing what he wants it to do not realizing that the computers in the 20th century aren't voice activated. We have touch screens and programs like Dragon Writer now. How long until all computers are speech activated?

Richard Mabry said...

Shirley, I still have trouble realizing that touch-screen technology works. Pretty soon we won't even need to use a mouse. As for speaking to my computer, I'm afraid it will talk back to me--and that's too scary for me! Thanks for your comment.