Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Is Here (I Think)

The vernal equinox officially occurred around noon local time on Thursday, March 20. On that day, the daylight and nighttime hours are equal and spring officially arrives. Here in North Texas, we're highly unlikely to see another freeze, although cold weather seems to be coming back again and again like a persistent skin rash. Nevertheless, it's nominally spring, things are going to get better, and I'm glad.

Bluebonnets are already appearing in some areas. Are wild flowers in bloom in your areas? If so, what are your favorites? And if not, when do you expect them?


pudy68 said...

Snow is still blooming here in north/central MA. Eagerly awaiting the flowers, though!

Richard Mabry said...

Yes, we have friends who live on Cape Cod and noticed last night that another blizzard was on the way for there. Hope spring gets to you all soon.