Friday, November 22, 2013

Writing: What Sells Books?

Every once in a while, like my colleagues, I get discouraged by the amount of time required for social media interaction by an author. I keep wondering how many things really count with readers. So now it's your turn. Here's a link to a quick survey--just one question, click every button that seems applicable to you. I won't even ask you to rank the factors, but if you have specific comments, please do leave them here.

I'll post the answers to the survey next week on this blog. Thanks for your help.


Carol Garvin said...

There's no questioning the popularity of social media, but I think too much emphasis is being placed on authors having a presence everywhere. One or two done well -- perhaps a blog and Facebook, or whatever works for you -- seem more than adequate to me as a reader, and feasible for me as a writer.

Richard Mabry said...

Carol, thanks for being a voice of reason in this situation. Unfortunately, I'm in the group who's afraid to quit any one of the avenues on which I have a presence. But I'm inching up on it.

pudy68 said...

Speaking for myself, I really don't care what an author says to me in a tweet, pin or FB post. I like to read a synopsis of new books in email/blog form, and I like to get recommendations from friends and family. When I see all the blogs, tweets, pins and FB posts, it all screams of marketing, and I detest it. I wish you all wouldn't feel so compelled to put yourselves out there. Why do I need to get so many contacts from every author? It makes me want to unsubscribe. Some of the blog posts are so long and I tune them right out (not yours - you keep them short and simple, and I greatly appreciate it!!) I really like a small number (once or twice a month is more than enough) and then just let the Holy Spirit lead the readers to your books. Just my opinion, and I'm sure I'm in the minority. Good question, though, and I can totally get your frustration with trying to keep up with all the media forms. Old school rocks! :-)

Steve Hooley said...

Great question. I agree with the comments above - way too much emphasis placed on social media. Where do you find the time to write? I'm eager to see the results (the answers to your question).

Richard Mabry said...

Pudy68, thanks for including me in the minority. Sometimes short posts are because I don't have much to say, but then again, that's not a bad thing. I try to adhere to the 70/30 rule: 70% fun or personal posts, 30% aimed at publicizing my books. Sometimes I fail, but it's still a good goal.

Steve, even this early in your career, I can see that you're noting the pressure put on writers to engage in social media.

Just "cracked the code" and had a peek at responses. Prior experience with that author's books and recommendations from friends are in the lead, with blog posts running third and the others way back. I'll post the final results next week.